An Earthquake Valve is one of the most inexpensive and wisest investments you can make for protecting your family and home.

When an earthquake happens it’s critical that the gas supply to your home get shut off immediately to help prevent the second disaster, fire, from occurring. Many homes with relatively minimal damage from an earthquake have been lost to fire due to a damaged gas line.

A Seismic Gas Shutoff Valve (SGSOV), also known as an earthquake-actuated automatic gas shutoff valve (or simply, an Earthquake Valve) is attached to the natural gas pipeline between the meter and the house, downstream from the meter, and automatically shuts off the gas supply in the event of a 5.4 or greater quake.

We’ve installed over 30,000 Earthquake Valves throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Our technicians are detail-focused craftsmen, ensuring every installation is done thoroughly and correctly, and all gas appliances safely relit after service is restored.

The top-rated Earthquake valves we install are tested and approved by CSA, the City of Los Angeles, and the State of California.

A vertical Earthquake valve with ¾” gas pipe fittings.
Most single family homes require this valve.

A horizontal Earthquake valve with 3” gas pipe fittings,
For larger structures such as commercial buildings

How the Earthquake Valve works

Homeowners, call to schedule installation of your Earthquake Valve and receive a
Free Safety Inspection (Not applicable for point-of-sale escrow-related inspections).