Our prices are competitive. Our service is exceptional.

Our technicians have many years of experience. They are craftsman and sincerely take pride in their high quality of work. They are mindful and respectful, keep a clean and organized work area, and leave the work area as they found it. 


Single Family Residence : $120.00
Additional unit (per unit ) : $15.00

Certificates and Letters of Compliance

LADWP Certificate of Compliance : $25.00
Letter of Compliance : $25.00


Low-flow 1.28 gpf toilet, including installation: $350.00
Toilet, installation only: $160.00
Flush-Valve Toilet including, including installation: $490.00
Low-flow showerhead, including installation: $25.00

We have a wide-range of low-flow toilets and urinals available if other than standard products are desired.

Smoke Detectors

Battery powered (10-year sealed lithium battery): $48.00
Hardwired with battery back-up, New installation: $175.00
Hardwired with battery back-up, Replacement: $59.00

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Battery powered: $48.00
Combination smoke and CO, Hardwired with battery back-up, New installation: $199.00
Combination smoke and CO, Hardwired with battery back-up, Replacement: $95.00
Combination smoke and CO, Battery powered, Replacement: $95.00


Water heater strapping: $195.00
Water heater bracing: $145.00

We also install Temperature and Pressure Release Valves and Discharge Pipes,
upon request. These items are not point-of-sale requirements.


SGSOV, City of Los Angeles: $475.00
SGSOV, City of Santa Monica: $740.00

Prices are for standard ¾” and 1” gas pipe installations. Additional charges apply for larger pipe sizes and/or
non-standard installations. Most single-family homes and condos require only the standard installation.

Price includes required city permit. We will apply for the permit and schedule the city inspection to ensure
the valve and installation are on record with the respective city as a permitted and approved SGSOV.


Impact hazard glazing for sliding glass doors (starting price): $170.00

Prices include parts and labor. Prices are subject to change without notice. Additional parts and labor may
be required at an additional charge. Prices are based on standard installation and standard products.