Shield Your Property from Earthquakes: The Ultimate Guide To Selecting The Best Earthquake Valve

Earthquakes are part and parcel of living in California. They are incredibly common. They can also be incredibly dangerous. Thankfully, high-magnitude earthquakes don’t come around too often. 

Most properties are built to withstand tremors. Most properties are not built to withstand gas explosions should the gas line get damaged, though. This is why you must look into the best earthquake valves for gas shutoff.

Since 2000, all new buildings in California need to have an earthquake-activated gas shutoff valve. This valve automatically shuts off the gas supply if any earthquake is detected, potentially saving lives. This only applies to new builds, though. 

Owners of pre-2000 properties may still want to be safe. This means investing in a retrofit inspection in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the state. A retrofit inspection will make sure that your home is capable of dealing with the horrors of earthquakes.

What Is An Earthquake Shut-off Valve And How Do They Work?

An earthquake shut-off valve is connected to any gas inlets in your home, normally directly to the mainline. They work in different ways. However, they all do the same job. 

When an earthquake is detected, the earthquake shut-off valve instantly stops the gas supply. They mostly keep an eye out for rising pressure, and if the pressure inside the valve gets too high, a latch is triggered. This means that if a massive earthquake happens to break a pipe, you don’t end up with a gas leak.

If the valve triggers, you can reset it yourself. However, if an earthquake has been intense enough to cause the valve to trigger, then it may be worth calling in a professional to inspect your home and gas lines to make sure there are no problems. 

Purchasing An Earthquake Valve

You must consider a few things to consider when purchasing an earthquake valve. We suggest that you work with a professional company for the selection and installation. This way, you can be sure that the earthquake valve that you select is installed properly, and is right for your area. This is because laws can differ throughout California.

Price will likely be your biggest deciding factor in the valve that you buy, alongside local laws. However, we suggest that you always purchase the best earthquake valve that you can afford.

Remember, you likely will not need to buy just one earthquake valve. You must purchase one for every natural gas outlet in your home. It is better to be safe than sorry. The safety of your home and your family is on the line.

How Do You Have an Earthquake Shut-off Valve Installed?

You should not be installing the valve yourself. You should never be tinkering about anything gas-related if you are not qualified. If you wish to have an earthquake shut-off valve installed, then you should call in the professionals.

Professionals will ensure that the earthquake valve is installed professionally and that the right earthquake shut-off valve is selected for your home, saving you a lot of headaches there too.

Companies like Retro Fit Express can assist with any retrofit inspection or installation you need. Our team can also provide certifications for future real estate inspections if you plan on selling your home. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about what’s right for your property!