The Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest in Earthquake Shutoff Valve Right Now

If you’re asking yourself, “what is a retrofit inspection?” It’s a simple checking process to show you the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of your home in the event of an earthquake. Retrofit Express will perform such an inspection for you while providing suggestions to make your home safer.

We’ll discuss the 5 reasons you should invest in an earthquake shutoff valve right now. These include how it mitigates human error while preventing gas from entering your home and gas leaks in general. Plus, it’s noninvasive and saves you big money with insurance companies.

1. Mitigates Human Error

Installing a shutoff valve can potentially mitigate human neglect or error. Because of the horrific nature that earthquakes can present, they can cause us to lose our composure and forget about turning off gas lines or water conservation fixtures. So, having a shutoff value will reduce stress, worry, and forgetfulness.

2. Prevents Gas from Entering the Home

The automated nature of shutoff valves means you don’t need to turn your gas line off manually when an earthquake is in progress. Such a thing can result in gas entering your home. While newer construction regulations require emergency shutoff valves, older homes do not have this feature.

3. Prevents Gas Leaks in General

Not only will a shutoff valve keep your home safe, but it will also prevent leaks from going outside. This means it won’t contribute to or produce fires. Once the earthquake is over, you simply reset the valve after checking for damage to the gas line. If there is damage, call one of our technicians to perform a real estate inspection before you turn it back on.

4. Noninvasive

Out of all 5 reasons you should invest in an earthquake shutoff valve right now, its noninvasiveness is the best. You never notice them until they kick in via seismic activity. However, if they do come on without an earthquake, you must schedule a retrofit inspection in Los Angeles immediately.

Our talented technicians will check out your valve issue and reactivate both seismic shutoff valves and excess flow. We’ll have them ready to work again when an earthquake occurs.

5. Saves Money with Insurance

You can’t put a value on anything that will save money on earthquake insurance and shutoff valves do just that. Most insurance companies love shutoff devices because they not only save lives but also reduce damage to properties.

If you want one installed, call your provider and discuss the benefits. Ask about the savings you can expect and if they have any recommendations.

Need To Get A Retrofit Inspection?

Retrofit Express in the Los Angeles area specializes in the best earthquake valves for gas shutoff and retrofit inspections. We offer prime quality with competitive pricing because we believe calamity preparedness is crucial. If you don’t have an earthquake-activated gas shutoff valve, there’s no time like the present to do it.