How Do Earthquake Shut-Off Valves Work?

Since 2000, any building constructed in California should have a shut-off valve installed. It is a requirement to be offered a building permit. 

Earthquake shut-off valves are life-saving devices, and they don’t cost much to have installed. While it isn’t a legal requirement, it is recommended that older properties have a retrofit inspection carried out and then get a shut-off installed.

This valve is vital if your home is connected to the gas supply. The best earthquake valves for gas shutoff will help to protect your home and the occupants from serious harm should an earthquake which could be far too common in California.

What Is An Earthquake Shut-off Valve?

It is a small device that connects to your gas meter. During an earthquake, the valve is automatically triggered. This will stop the supply of gas heading into the property.

While they are designed for dealing with earthquakes, the best earthquake valves for gas shutoff will switch the supply off if there is a gas leakage in your property, or perhaps any sort of overpressure that can lead to an explosion.

How These Valves Work

Multiple valve types can be placed on the gas line in your property. Both types must be installed, as they do different jobs. 

A seismic shut-off valve will trigger whenever an earthquake greater than 5.1 is detected. It will rattle around. As it shakes, a small ball bearing in the valve will move around. This will eventually move into a position where it blocks the flow of gas into your home. The process doesn’t take long, which helps to provide a huge amount of protection.

An excess-flow valve doesn’t look for earthquakes. Instead, it checks to see whether there is a leak or increased pressure in the gas system. A small sensor will detect any issues and shut down the gas supply if something is detected.

It is recommended that both systems are installed.

What Is A Retrofit Inspection In Los Angeles?

One of the most important real estate inspections that your property can undergo is a retrofit inspection. During a retrofit inspection, a licensed inspector will visit your property. They will be able to check whether your home is capable of dealing with the various faults in Los Angeles. 

In fact, since Los Angeles is one of the most earthquake-hit places in the world, a retrofit inspection in Los Angeles is vital.

Not only will a retrofit inspection in Los Angeles look at your gas, but they will also look at water conservation fixtures to ensure that you have protection there too in the event of an earthquake. 

An Earthquake Shut-off Valve Could Save Your Life

Should an earthquake occur, the last thing you want seeping into your home is gas. This is a huge explosion risk. For a small cost, the valve is worth it. It genuinely could save your life.

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