Protecting Your House With Seismic Gas Shut-Off Valves

The chance that an earthquake will strike California remains a constant threat. When earthquakes do hit they can cause significant damage to properties and their structure. This can include the natural gas lines to the house or building. How do you keep these lines safe? 

A seismic shut-off valve can be installed on a natural gas line to shut off the flow of gas in the event of an earthquake. When they are triggered by a 5.4 magnitude earthquake, or any impact they will release a valve that will stop the flow of natural gas. Once the line is inspected and repaired it can be reset and reused. 

Below we will take a closer look at seismic shut-off valves and how they can keep your house safe.  

What Are Seismic Shut-Off Valves?

A Seismic Shut-Off Valve is a device that is installed on a gas line to prevent the flow of natural gas after an earthquake. It prevents the risk of a fire which does more damage to a home or business than the actual earthquake. They are mandatory for new construction in many cities and can be installed on your home if they are not found in your home or business.   

How Do Seismic Shut-Off Valves Work? 

When the Seismic Shut-off Valve is subject to a 5.4 magnitude earthquake or larger, or any significant impact a sensor will release a valve to block the natural gas from going past the seismic shut-off valve. This will prevent natural gas from building up inside a home or building and put it at risk of a fire or explosion. 

After the gas line is inspected and found safe or repaired, the seismic shut-off valve can be reset and be ready to shut off the gas again if needed in the future. 

Are Seismic Shut-Off Valves Required? 

Many cities in California require a seismic shut-off valve during a real estate inspection. They are normally found on the natural gas pipe after the gas meter before the gas pipe enters the home or business. 

If your home or business is found not to have one during the retrofit inspection, it can be installed. 

What Is A Retrofit Inspection?

A retrofit inspection is a review of a property to ensure it complies with the current requirements of a city or county. If the property does not comply repairs will be needed to bring the property into compliance with regulations. This can include the installation of earthquake-activated shut-off valves, and water conservation fixtures. 

If your home needs a retrofit inspection in Los Angeles the professionals at Retrofit Express can inspect your property. They can also help you determine the best earthquake valves for gas shut-off as well as install smoke alarms, co2 detectors, and water heater safety devices.


Seismic shut-off valves are required in new construction on homes and businesses in California to prevent the risk of a fire or explosion following an earthquake. 

If your home is missing this safety feature Retrofit Express has highly skilled and professional technicians who installed thousands of earthquake shut-off valves in the greater Los Angeles area and can assist you when retrofitting your home!